Ingo Fröhlich, born in 1966, grew up on the island of Norderney. He lives and works in Berlin.

After his training (1981 to 1988) as a carpenter on Norderney and as a wood sculptor at the Berufsfachschule für Holzschnitzerei und Schreinerei in Berchtesgaden, in 1992 he started studying sculpture at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee and became a member of Inge Mahn’s master class from 1999 to 2000.

Ever since graduating with the degree Master of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.) in 2002, and his nomination for the bauhaus award 2000, for Ingo Fröhlich, artistic work — in addition to his exploration of the possibilities of drawing — has been linked to public action and the staging of urban space. For this, he received the Mart-Stam-Förderpreis (research fellowship) in 1998.

Ingo Fröhlich is the recipient of numerous awards and research fellowships, including the NAFÖG fellowship of the Berlin Senate (2000), a DAAD fellowship in Iceland (2003–2004), a working stipend from the Berlin Senate (2008), a residency of the Goethe Institute and the HIAP in Helsinki (2012), a project funding from the district Berlin-Pankow, as well a residency from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg at Schloss Wiepersdorf (2018).

In 1999 he established the artist-run-space Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstrasse 111 Berlin, which he directs and where he also works as a curator. In 2019 the project Torstraße 111 was awarded with a grant from the Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn and 2020 by the Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Mitte.

In 2011, his collaboration with the painter Ulrike Seyboth began in various places around the world as Atelier vagabond with several catalogue editions and the project Ich zeichne die Zeit, Du malst den Moment (I draw time, you paint the moment). In 2022, Ingo Fröhlich and Ulrike Seyboth win the Kunst am Bau contest for the new building of the 48th primary school in Berlin as an artist couple.

Graduation degree | Art discipline | University

1981 – 84 Apprenticeship as a carpenter | Norderney
1985 – 88 Apprenticeship as a wood sculptor | Berchtesgaden
1992 – 98 Art School Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (KHB) | studied with Prof. Inge Mahn (diploma)
1998 Masterclass of Prof. Inge Mahn
1999 – 2000 Master of Art in Interdisciplinary Sudies (M.A.) | KHB
since 1999 Director and Curator of the artist-run-space Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin.

Awards | Fellowships | Contests

2022 Prize winner of the Kunst am Bau contest for the new building of the 48th primary school, Berlin (with Ulrike Seyboth)
2022 Artist-in-Residence, Fellowship | Le Reservoir Sète (F)
2020 INITIAL – Fellowship, Akademie der Künste Berlin
2020 Artist-in-Residence, Fellowship | Stiftung Kunstdepot Göschenen (CH)
2020 Project founding Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111 | Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin
2019 Catalogue project founding | Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn
2018 Artist-in-Residence, Fellowship | Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf
2017 Artist-in-Residence | Mairie d’Hérisson/Auvergne-Bourbonnais (F)
2015 Artist-in-Residence, Fellowship | PARC-Village des Arts et Métiers, Octon (F)
2013 Artist-in-residence | Felagsheimili-Flatery, sponsord by Borgarstjórn-Isarfjördur (IS)
2013 Project founding | Käthe-Dorsch-and-Agnes-Straub-Foundation, Berlin
2012 Artist-in-Residence, Fellowship | Suomenlinna, Goethe-Institute/HIAP Helsinki (FIN)
2012 Research fellowship | Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Pankow
2010 Research fellowship | Berlin Senate
2008 – 09 Research fellowship | Berlin Senate (Arbeitsstipendium)
2008 Project funding | Berliner Senat (International Cultural Exchange)
2003 – 04 DAAD-Research fellowship | Iceland (IS)
2000 – 01 NAFÖG-Research fellowship | Berliner Senat
2000 Nomination for the Bauhaus-Award 2000, Berlin
1998 Mart-Stam-Award, Berlin

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2022 ATELIER VAGABOND | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier (F)
2022 Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, Galerie Fenna Wehlau, München
2022 JOURNAL DE SÈTE | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, Le Réservoir – Art & Patrimoine, Sète (F)
2022 ATELIER VAGABOND | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, BLMK – Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt/O.
2021 JE DESSINE LE TEMPS, TU PEINS L’INSTANT | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, Museums of Sens (F) | catalogue
2020 Ich zeichne die Zeit, du malst den Moment | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, Guardini-Stiftung, Berlin | catalogue
2019 D’où je viens, les nuages dorment sur les montagnes, D’où tu viens, la mer rêve dans le brouillard, FONDATION DU PIOCH PELAT – ARPAC, in collaboration with Ulrike Seyboth, Castelnau le Lez/Montpellier (F)
2019 Ich zeichne die Zeit, du malst den Moment | Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich im Dialog mit Schopfheim, Kunstverein Schopfheim/Kulturfabrik, Schopfheim
2015 Zeppelin Archive, Gallery Listamenn, Reykjavik, with Daniel Björnsson (IS) | catalogue
2015 Je dessine le temps, tu peins le moment – Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich, PARC, Octon (F)
2014 Ich zeichne die Zeit, du malst den Moment – Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich im Dialog mit Jena, Städtische Museen/Kunstsammlung Jena | catalogue
2012 Drawings, Gallery Hein Elferink, Staphorst (NL)
2012 Suomenlinna, Goethe-Institut Helsinki and HIAP (FIN)
2010 Zeitensprung, Villa Henckel, Potsdam
2007 Das erste Haus am Platz,  Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstrasse 111, Berlin
2006 anatomia del trazo y la linea, Montevideo, (URY)
2004 strik og liná, Gallery Kling og Bang, Reykjavik, Island (IS)

Group shows (selection)

2022 BANKING FOR FUTURE, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin
2020 TORTORTOR 1:1:1, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin | catalogue
2020 Liberté, FIGURE DE PROUE, Salles Saint-Pierre & La Fabrique, Avallon (F) | catalogue
2019 Landpartie, Fellows of the Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, Potsdam
2018 NGORONGORO II, Berlin gallery weekend 2018 | catalogue
2018 Treffpunkt Gartensaal, Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg
2018 L’art se fait nature, VENDÈMIAIRES D’AUTOME, Saint -Mathieu-de-Tréviers (F) | catalogue
2016 ausgezeichnet, Galerie Hein Elferink (NL)
2014 Transnord, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin
2013 Tarantulla Tentacle, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin
2013 Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin
2012 Losito-Art-Award, Nomination, Altes Waisenhaus, Potsdam
2012 paperfile, Galerie oqbo, Berlin
2012 Raumgreifend, HLP Gallery, Wesseling
2011 hotspot, Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin | catalogue
2011 drawing now, Drawing Centre Diepenheim (NL) | catalogue
2011 Galerie Hein Elferink, Staphorst (NL)
2010 Restmengen, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin | catalogue
2009 Selected artists, NGBK, Berlin | catalogue
2009 FRIEZE London, with Gallery Kling og Bang, London (GB)
2008 Kling og Bang vs. 111, Gallery Kling og Bang, Reykjavik (IS)
2007 111 vs Kling og Bang, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin
2006 espacio y frecuencia, Montevideo (URY)
2002 kühle räume – kühlräume, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin
2002 ausgezeichnete Räume, Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, Berlin

Art on Construction | Art in public and private space

2022 Alles schwingt! Klangskulpturen zum Mitmachen, Realization of the art in architecture sculpture for the new building of the 48th primary school, Berlin (with Ulrike Seyboth)
2022 Wellenwege, Realisation of the landart floor drawing for the inauguration of the Quartier an der Mühle, Norderney
2018 Schloss Wiepersdorf, Wall Drawing, Brandenburg
2015 Kindergarden Pappelallee, Invited competition, Art in architecture, Kulturamt Pankow
2014 Logensaal, Invited competition, Art in architecture, Frankfurt a. O.
2013 Ankunft: Neue Musik, Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, Performance For Bunita Marcus von Morton Feldman
2011 Intervall, Wall drawing in the staircase of the Goethe-Institut Helsinki, as part of Helsinki Design Capital 2011, supported by the Goethe Institut Helsinki, German Embassy (FIN)
2003 fassade fragile, UIA Congress rethinking space-time-architecture, with La Piazza, supported by Prof. Rainer W. Ernst, Berlin | catalogue
2003 Outside, Light installation outside and sculpture inside the Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek in Berlin-Mitte, with La Piazza
2001 mehr Licht, Permanent light installation, Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, with La Piazza (NL)
2000 Transmediale Berlin, light and facade project, with La Piazza
2000 luxcargo, Lichtschifffahrt, Spree Berlin, with La Piazza
2000 transitbilder Z 2000, Akademie der Künste, Berlin | catalogue
2000 2. Vitrinenausstellung Haus des Lehrers, Alexanderplatz, Berlin
1999 metronom, light installation at Spreebogen and at Silo (Lehrter Stadtbahnhof) Berlin
1998 1. Vitrinenausstellung, Haus des Lehrers, Alexanderplatz, Berlin
1998 Studio 5 self generating city, Fassadenprojekt, Fischerinsel-Berlin

 Professional activities and teaching experience

2018 University of the Arts Berlin (UdK), Department of Fine Arts, workshop: Drawing is for everyone!
2000 – 17 regular seminars, lectures and curatorial work in the Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, among others with students of the class Valérie Favre of the UdK Berlin (2017, 2018)
2011 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen (DK), guest lecture and workshop: strokes and lines – about the possibilities of drawing 
2010 Reykjavik Art Festival (IS), lecture: Project Torstrasse 111, Gallery Kling og Bang
2008 Art Academy Listaháskóli Íslands, Rekjavik (IS), guest lecture and workshop: strokes and lines – about the possibilities of drawing

Works in museums, public and private collections

  • Art & Patrimoine, Collection Gilbert Ganivenq, Sète (F)
  • Fondation Kunstdepot Göschenen, Sammlung Christoph Hürlimann (CH)
  • Schloss Wiepersdorf (D)
  • Kunstsammlung Jena, Städtische Museen (D)
  • Pétur Ararson, Artcollection Safn, Reykjavik/Berlin (IS)
  • Artcollection Thomas Kexel, Potsdam (D)
  • Artcollection Ben af Shúlten, Helsinki (FIN)
  • Goethe-Institut, Rotterdam (NL)
  • Goethe-Institut, Helsinki (FIN)
  • Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt a. M. (D)
  • Parkklinik Berlin-Weißensee (D)
  • Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek, Berlin (D)